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Work work work

Hello boys, I missed you!

Sheesh, I have not posted in a while. It's mostly been because I've been tied up with work. Web work. I recently got a new client through a designer friend, so much of my time lately has been taken up by that. The money is good ("bad money" mostly only happens in nefarious professions) so I'm not complaining about that. Also, it's a pretty cool client who, if I was still focused on being a web designer, I'd be looking forward to bragging about to everyone and probably will anyway. It's just that I was starting to feel like I had a rhythm going with the various musical activities and this has disrupted that. Lori thinks I should be able to balance music and web, but I really have not been able to. For instance, I've found myself much more productive musically if I work on it in the morning. But, when I have a project I'm working on and thinking about, I tend to want to get right to that first thing. I also want to get the project done ASAP so I can get back to the music. Yet I still have all those other clients I need to finish up sites for. So I'll need to start bugging them again when this project is done.

Musically, not a lot has been going on. The band has had a couple of good jams lately, and having the two guitar players available has been nice. Jeff has brought some good new songs with his return, and I'm jealous that he's been more productive as a songwriter than I have been.

Oh well, time to go practice.

Posted 2008 06 17 at 5:14 AM

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