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Houston is “Special”

Houston Press article discusses the scene, or lack of it.

I thought this cover article in this week's Houston Press was interesting and worth sharing.

One thing he only briefly touches upon is the "relative shortage of traditional college students." I think that's a big factor. While Houston has tons of colleges and thus many college students, most of the students are commuters and thus have very little sense of community with their college or with their fellow students. The only school that seems to have an area near it is Rice, and a) that's a relatively small private college, and 2) the area is mostly shopping, not really places for college students to hang out. Compare Houston to cities like Ann Arbor, Lawrence, Austin, and even San Marcos and you'll see what I mean. Combine that with Houston's sprawl (which he does mention several times) and you have students who don't get involved nor look for anything to do together.

I can't bring myself to agree with the statement that Houston has, "about five (if that) really good bands." I've heard that before, and let's be real, that's a matter of opinion and depends on what you like. It also depends on what you mean by good bands. Is that bands worth seeing, or bands that you think are going to "make it big," or something else?

While I do agree that Houston does not have the music scene it should for a city of its size, it's not non-existent, either. It does require that a band that wants to make it here work a bit harder, and probably drive a bit more to cover the places around town they are suited for. Other cities that have music scenes likely evolved them naturally, and only later received general help (such as Austin promoting itself as "The Live Music Capital of the World"). I doubt that any music scene consciously was created anywhere and I don't expect it could happen here without a lot of time and investment, investment that would require multiple investors (a.k.a. rich guys I don't know and can't convince to spend their money).

If you have any comments, agree or disagree, use the Contact Me link above. I may add the ability for people to comment in this blog at some point, but I have not got a round tuit yet.

Posted 2008 07 11 at 2:58 AM

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