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Songwriter’s Evening with Keri

Last night, Keri Richardson came over so we could work on some songs together. It’s good to get the input of others, as they may have strengths where you don’t, other perspectives, etc. Unfortunately, there is a part of me that wants to do it all by myself right now. I think it’s mostly because I’m still trying to build my skills in a few different areas. If I let other people help me, then I have to be careful I don’t let those areas slide. It’s really nothing against them, in fact I’m probably envious of what they can do, but I need to make sure I push myself to become a more complete songwriter.

That being said, I think we had a fairly productive evening for the first time really working together. She helped me quite a bit with the first song I’m doing with my sister, especially in the bridge. Her melody for the bridge lyric completely blew away what little I had, so we’re going with that! We also talked about some ideas for some of her songs where she feels unhappy with them or that they’re not complete.

Generally speaking, it was cool just hanging out with another songwriter and talking about how we each go about what we do, where ideas come from, what inspires us, etc. Not everyone knows what it is that makes a songwriter (I certainly don’t! 😉) so it’s cool to find a sympathetic ear that understands what you’re talking about. Most of the time, I’m alone when I’m working on songs, so this is equivalent to talking shop with a coworker. I hope to do it a lot more, both with her as well as others who are just as cool about it.

Posted 2008 05 08 at 12:03 PM

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