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More on Detachment

Moron Detachment?

Connie’s post about detachment  really hit home for me. If you read it, you’ll see how detachment is a thread through these posts and what I need.

But what a battle! I don’t know why I am so attached to my own playing. I can tell you it is deep. I worry about how I am going to sound, if I am ready, if they will like me. Yet, when I am ready, I don’t worry about it. When it is all working for me, my only attachment is to what I do. I don’t care if there are five people listening or five million. I care about having fun and playing the best that I can regardless of the situation. This is why my attachments in other situations confound me. Why am I attached to this, but not to that, even though they are related activities? Why have I put so much importance on some of these things?

Maybe it doesn’t matter why I got to that point, just that I need to let go.

Here’s another good post about detachment that Connie references.

Posted 2011 10 11 at 9:00 AM

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