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Hearing Thru Humming

I made more progress on Kathy's song today. After doing some of the melody with Keri last week, I've found that while I'm having trouble picking out the pitches I've been singing, if I hum them, it's much easier. So that has been really cool. I wonder what it is about the words that is keeping me from hearing the pitch. I guess the whole sound is a bit too complicated for me to discern, though I have done it on occasion. I'm hoping and expecting that as time goes on, I'll get better at it overall. I mean, today I completed the first verse and part of the chorus, then I suddenly became completely incapable of doing it at all. I suspect that I wasn't really incapable, just that my mind went somewhere else or that I was a little tired at that point. I also still need to work out the rhythm of the lyrics.

Earlier this week, I did some work on my own song, "Willow." I wrote out what the piano part is supposed to be, the way I could play it, and the cheater version which is the way I usually play it. I also wrote out the bass line Lori has been playing. Unfortunately, my music notation handwriting is so poor it is even worse than my normal handwriting. I keep thinking that I could really use a copy of Logic for this. Then, I'd be able to send Kathy a nice clean copy of her song as well when I was done. But "business expenses" for musicians can be tricky, and my CFO is a stickler…

Posted 2008 05 14 at 1:58 PM

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