The songs below are demos recorded live in our rehearsal space with two mics direct to two track with no mixing nor post-processing.

Song (size/time)

Midnight Special (3.8 MB/4:00)

Weak Young Blues (5.6 MB/5:56)

Refugee (3.7 MB/3:53)

Big Motor (9.4 MB/10:04)

Statesboro Blues (3.9 MB/4:09)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (7.8 MB/8:12)

Empty Arms (4.8 MB/5:05)

Breakdown (5.3 MB/5:39)

Simple Man (6.6 MB/7:12)

I’m the Only One (4.7 MB/5:09)

Statesboro Blues (4.0 MB/4:23)

Big Motor (11.0 MB/12:02)

Breakdown (3.5 MB/3:47)

Lightnin’ and Thunda (3.0 MB/3:17)

Memphis (6.3 MB/6:50)

Weak Young Blues (7.0 MB/7:35)

Angel From Montgomery (3.8 MB/4:06)

Willow (6.4 MB/6:59)

If your computer/browser does not support playing MP3 files, we recommend iTunes to play MP3 files for both Mac and Windows users.

You can also hear some of our originals at the Blue Funk Zone on MySpace.

If you wish to record Blue Funk at one of our shows, please read our Taper Policy.

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