Lori K. (or Ms. K to her followers) remains an enigma. Before her first appearance as bassist for Blue Funk, no one outside of her realm knew she existed. Legend has it that she lived in the Texas Hill Country since the dawn of time, building her following and disposing of those who did not understand. Others believe that she came into existence for the sole purpose of creation of those funky swamp grooves she lays down that take the band into strange, uncharted territory. She is never seen before or after gigs, and apparently this has been true since her first performance with the band. "It was weird," says Joe. "We had just plugged in, we turned around and she was there. She laid down this groove that we thought was just awful, but we couldn't ignore it or stop her. Before we knew it, we were caught up in it and heard how perfect it really was. The band hasn't been the same since." When she finally stopped playing the groove some twenty hours later, she disappeared and the rest of band passed out. "Last thing I remembered," Joe continues, "was hearing her laughter, saying that she would be back for us again."

Joe Stone started his musical career on the East Coast, but quickly moved to Texas when he figured out what barbecue really meant. He has spent most of his time woodshedding, coming out occasionally for special gigs. Studying the masters from Gregg Allman to Tony Z, he has incorporated every possible musical style in order to attempt to keep up with the extraordinary talents of his bandmates.

Past members, friends, and featured

Rebecca will insist on telling you that she has never sung with a band before. Do not believe her lies. Her voice leaves all stunned and amazed. To paraphrase what Jerry Lee told Myra, "you don't sing like no virgin... "

Mild-mannered librarian by day, mild-mannered guitar player by night, Jeff found us because we appeared to be laid-back musicians who didn't want to interfere with his day job. "I've been playing for just over 20 years. Mostly blues and jam-band stuff, nothing professionally. I play both rhythm or lead and I can sing some. I play several guitars, but only one at a time. I have some effects and I like Fender amps." Jeff left the band in October 2007. He took Blue Funk from being a great idea to a great band. Then, he returned seven months later. We had to take him back, so we did.

Phil was borned on the side of a hill in Arkansas, and comes to us by way of Memphis, having absorbed much of the music and beer of the Delta along the way. He hits things with sticks, and then looks at us as if to say, "ain't I done good?" every time he does.

John is a geeky has-been guitarist who plays too many notes for blues, not enough for rock, spends too much time sniffing solder fumes, and can jest bearly speel. But, he makes a killer amp.