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Changing the World

These things spread.

Very few people do something that changes the whole world so boldly and obviously. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and other “crazy ones” did, some a few times over. Not everyone can do that.

What everyone and anyone can do, is have a positive influence on the world around them. Like ripples in a pond, these things spread. You don’t have to volunteer at a shelter, feed the hungry, help old ladies cross the street (though those kinds of things are great). Just by being a positive influence, doing what you feel you were meant to do (follow your heart), any little thing can contribute to the betterment of our world. I can’t be specific because that’s something each one of us has to find for ourselves.

I know some people want to make a bigger impact on the world, and many feel overwhelmed by the things they think need to change. Just do your part. Remember, these things spread.

Posted 2011 10 17 at 9:00 AM

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