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I mentioned in a previous post my Internet “addiction.” I am not sure if it is an addiction or just a bad habit. If it is a habit, it may have developed from some jobs I have had (including when I was working for myself as a web developer) where I was bored and did it to kill time. But I think the big factor is the stuff I talked about in that post, where there are reactions in the brain to that kind of stimulus. I am not making an excuse, just saying. It is funny, I do not have issues with addictions to anything else.

I would much rather be addicted to playing piano. I have been trying to figure out how to create that kind of response in myself to doing that instead. This is where I wonder about the “bad ego”  and judgement getting in the way of that. There is no judgement in surfing the web and reading stuff online. So I gain knowledge and get something out of it (hopefully or at least sometimes), and no one is saying that sucks or I am not good enough or whatever. It seems like if I can shake that crap when playing music, maybe I could get more addicted to playing.

Posted 2011 10 09 at 9:00 AM

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