New Videos, Old Guitar Player

More videos on YouTube. Who is that guitarist? [url=][/url]

May marked the return of the Houston Musicians Meetup, and although not every member of the band could make it, we did perform and videotape it. The song order was Just LIke Yesterday, World of Her Dreams, and I Don't Think So. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube and it should let you know automatically the next time we post videos.

But who is that guitar player who is also singing? It's none other than Jeff Coyle, our former guitar player emeritus. Jeff and his family have moved back from Kansas, and Lori and Joe backed him up singing three of his songs at the Meetup. (Big thanks to Paul Whitaker, who filled in on drums.) Jeff may be rejoining the band. At the very least, he'll sit in once in a while. But, if he does rejoin the band, will we need to get someone to play additional percussion as well?

Posted 2008 05 28

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